Friday, August 12, 2005

Celebrating the Spiritual Disciplines

We have spent the summer studying the Spiritual Disciplines. Richard Foster's book served as the guideline, but we took each Sunday to dive into one of the disciplines. What an experience! What spiritual practices are a part of your daily life? After reading Tony Jones' book, "The Sacred Way," I find myself drawn to the ancient faith practices. The historical and spiritual life offers a deep connection beyond that of quiet time books offered at my local Christian bookstore. So tell me, what works for you?


Blogger Kevin said...

I think that we each need to be connected to a bit of daily spirituality. I get the feeling that the more our world shifts away from this way of thinking and becomes even more shiney and bright (automatic), we will experience extreme religions (backlash of modernism). The answer is in the balance.

Of course there was a time that everything you did was for God. That is where I put my trust and energy.


6:15 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I'm starting to work with my congregation on spiritual disciplines, particularly in a communal understanding and practice of them. I'm reading "Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People," edited by Dorothy Bass. It's a great book on developing an integrated life, including in our interactions together.

6:36 AM  

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