Monday, September 19, 2005

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday, I heard a quote in a sermon that has stuck with me all day. "If justice is blind, then grace is living with our eyes wide open." Seeing all the gifts of God around us would overwhelm our lives. Grace: the supernatural gifts of God that we do not deserve and cannot earn.

The collection of Biblical men and women living with their eyes wide open is astounding. Think of that woman with the alabaster jar, the sinful woman, the prodigal son, or the thief on the cross. Each of them saw Jesus pouring out gifts to them that they did not deserve.

Wesley tells that "ye are saved from your sins, from the guilt and power thereof, ye are restored to the favour and image of God, not for any works, merits, or deservings of yours, but by the free grace, the mere mercy of God, through the merits of his well-beloved Son: Ye are thus saved, not by any power, wisdom, or strength, which is in you, or in any other creature; but merely through the grace or power of the Holy Ghost, which worketh all in all." May we live in the grace of the Holy Spirit today!


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