Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Color Purple

How do you take a story of racism and incest and make a musical out of it?

The set, a beautiful tree, etchings of letters writeen between sisters, and a revolving stage, held us captive throughout the show.

The music consisted of gospel spirituals and old jazz tunes played at "Harpo's Juke Joint." Shug Avery held power in her voice. Seeing characters that I know through a book come to life on a stage seems surreal. Having them stand before me is much more difficult to grasp than seeing characters on film. They seem more real to me.

One scene from the play overwhelmed me. African dancers moved over the stage as Nettie read her letters to Celie. Simultaneously, Sofia walked into the store where she was later beaten. The African dancers and Sofia were beaten at the same time. A spotlight hit of them. The reality of the pursecution on a race came to life on a stage. Absolutely brilliant.

The musical ended with a song "Look What God Has Done." It celebrated the redemption and overwhelming power of forgiveness. We had church on Broadway.

The Trip to New York

As we waited in the freezing cold to purchase discount tickets for a show, Cathy was struck by the sign hanging to our left. Faces from various "Miss America" pageants covered the billboard, but they all were taken the moment Miss Lucky learned of her big break. Quite interesting.

Cathy decided to show what a square mouth looks like in real life. If you look over her shoulder, she shares the same expression with a retired Miss America. We kept ourselves entertained and distracted as the wait came to an end. Cathy and I earned 6 tickets to "Chicago" for 50% off, tons of sympathy from our friends, and a free breakfast. Not a bad morning in the Big City.

"Chicago" was another adventure. Huey Lewis starred as the lawyer, and he proved himself the weakest link in the cast. He continually staggered through his lines and dropped his cane.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Meeting Results: Emerging Women In Leadership

Many present dreamed of ministry as a little girl, but they had never seen an example. Some gave communion to their dolls! When one woman confessed this, everyone burst out laughing. Many others remembered secretly doing the same thing.

They talked extensively about how female pastoral leadership "looks." This issue came up in Glorieta as well. What does she wear? How does she counsel men? How does she solve conflict? Is it o.k. to cry during liturgy?

I was expecting about 3 friends I had met through the cohort to attend. About 10 other women emailed me last week asking to meet or call me sometime. They feel alone and unsupported. No matter the background, the story is the same. It has overwhelmed me.

Last, it seems that everyone I talk to seeks an example of a woman who is leading. How can we connect them?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why Danielle Was Right

At tonight's meeting (which I will share more about later), Danielle explained that she would not be ordering coffee because it keeps her up at night. She added later that this phenomenon is new for her; it has come with age. She continued to say that it will happen to us someday. . . .

I smiled at her comment and took a sip of my steamy second cup. Now, it's 1:43 a.m. and I am writing on my blog. 2006-I really am getting older. This is my first year that will be spent completely in my 30's. Let's just hope that works out well for me.

Questions for Emerging Women In Ministry

(Tonight, 01.03.06, various women from the Atlanta area will be gathering to begin conversation together as emerging women in ministry. Listed below are the ideas we will be discussing. I would love to hear from you as well! Also, please keep this evening in your prayers.)

This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments:

  • to God in the way of Jesus
  • to the Church in all its Forms
  • to God's World
  • to One Another

    Did you sense a calling from “God in the way of Jesus” that led you into ministry?

    What does your ministry to the church look like? What forms of church are represented in our cohort tonight? Are there any natural connections already existing for support?

    How can be better stewards of God’s world as emerging women in ministry? Do you have any strategies that are working?

    How can be support and strengthen one another as we seek to build the Kingdom in various ways throughout our city?