Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Questions for Emerging Women In Ministry

(Tonight, 01.03.06, various women from the Atlanta area will be gathering to begin conversation together as emerging women in ministry. Listed below are the ideas we will be discussing. I would love to hear from you as well! Also, please keep this evening in your prayers.)

This is an Emergent Cohort meeting to flesh out four commitments:

  • to God in the way of Jesus
  • to the Church in all its Forms
  • to God's World
  • to One Another

    Did you sense a calling from “God in the way of Jesus” that led you into ministry?

    What does your ministry to the church look like? What forms of church are represented in our cohort tonight? Are there any natural connections already existing for support?

    How can be better stewards of God’s world as emerging women in ministry? Do you have any strategies that are working?

    How can be support and strengthen one another as we seek to build the Kingdom in various ways throughout our city?


Blogger Dsrtrosy said...

Hey girl...I'm so glad your meeting went well. I wish I had some time to get something like that together, but as I prepare to go back to school, I'm a little frantic.

I have not heard anything new about the web site....man, if we were just doing it ourselves, it would already be up!! I am starting to regret the decision to incorporate with emergent-us. However, I feel it's important that we are all together, as the women get largely ignored on the current site--and it is the face of emergent. Please keep THIS in YOUR prayers!

You rock! Can't wait to have a writing assignment for you! Love ya!

10:46 AM  

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