Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Trip to New York

As we waited in the freezing cold to purchase discount tickets for a show, Cathy was struck by the sign hanging to our left. Faces from various "Miss America" pageants covered the billboard, but they all were taken the moment Miss Lucky learned of her big break. Quite interesting.

Cathy decided to show what a square mouth looks like in real life. If you look over her shoulder, she shares the same expression with a retired Miss America. We kept ourselves entertained and distracted as the wait came to an end. Cathy and I earned 6 tickets to "Chicago" for 50% off, tons of sympathy from our friends, and a free breakfast. Not a bad morning in the Big City.

"Chicago" was another adventure. Huey Lewis starred as the lawyer, and he proved himself the weakest link in the cast. He continually staggered through his lines and dropped his cane.


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