Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Disgruntled Recycler

This year, I made a few resolutions. One: recycling. I have known that I should be recycling, but it seemed like such a pain. Getting bins, rinsing cans, saving paper, blah, blah, blah. However, it was implemented into my life after returning from a Gathering in New Mexico. Ever since, I have been astonished. I hardly have any trash!

On an average week, my kitchen trash can is about 1/4 full. Unbelievable! It filled about three times a week before. Even though I am single, people are at my house all the time. So, trash piled up. Now, all of those folks are getting the hang of it. Like me, they started out very disgruntled and annoyed. It was such a bother. Instead of just dropping something into the trash, you had to take the extra five steps into the laundry room. Now, no one even notices the bother anymore.

Yesterday, I took a literal carload of materials to the recycling center. It is amazing how much can be reprocessed. Here is my observation: the people in my life who recycle and seem generally concerned about ecological issues are my non-christian friends. Many christians are arguing about the myth called global warming.

If those desert fathers and mothers lived in our time, would we celebrate recycling as a spiritual discipline. Could it qualify as a behavior we add to our lives to connect with God? Is it one of our most effective and simple ways to help take care of creation?


Blogger af said...

just yesterday, i read that the average american sleeps 24 years of his/her life, goes to the dentist 120 times (not sure about that tooth problem) ...and produces over 94,000 lbs. of garbage!!!! aye! if nothing else, that should propel us to action!

12:04 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

hey abbey! . . . cool to see you on the blog. have you girls started recycling yet? i remember our last convo about it.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Gisele said...

Hey caroline, we have started recycling. We're starting small, and unfortunately we aren't so disciplined as you are...well, maybe Abbey is, but I'm not...I'm getting paper and milk jugs down, and at work I've started the slogan "I'm saving the world one piece of paper at a time."

7:54 AM  

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