Friday, March 17, 2006

Taken from a McLaren Blog--inspiring words

"At most gatherings, Grace has been able to bring together some amazing women leaders. The tide is turning and doors are opening, although all of us wish the progress was faster and farther along.

Through all this we've had great meals, met phenomenal people, heard both inspiring and heartbreaking stories, and grown in our awareness that something important and far-reaching is indeed happening around this conversation about emerging, missional, post-colonial Christian faith. I sense that we are very near a "tipping point" - and my concern is not that this emerging global movement won't fully emerge, but that we won't be fully ready when it does. Something to pray about - and prepare for.

Of course, each locale is unique, but I'd say that the similarities among the events, churches, and leaders are more striking than the differences - both the similar problems and the common sense of hope, both the shared obstacles and the uniting dreams for better days for the church and for our holistic, integral mission in God's world.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers. From here, we go to the East Cape, then to Capetown, then home. In the meantime, wherever you are, be assured that you aren't alone, and that thousands of people around the world are sensing a fresh wind blowing with new possibilities and challenges, undergirded with the faithfulness of God."


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