Friday, April 28, 2006

Global Night Commute: SATURDAY

This Saturday night, April 29, we have an opportunity to make a global difference.

A few years ago, three college guys from California took a trip to Africa to tell a story. With no travel or film experience, they still created a film called "Invisible Children" that documents the children who walk miles into the cities of Uganda at night because they fear being abducted by rebel forces. They are referred to as the "Night Walkers."

Over 1 million people have now seen the film. Check it out on Oprah featured them on her show yesterday. Also, this Saturday night, thousands and thousands of people have committed to join in the Global Night Commute in various cities.

All Global Night Commute info can be found on the invisible children website or on the Global Night Commute page on myspace. I will be there along with many friends, so please post with your email address if you need cell numbers.


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