Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reasons That I Might Be Getting Old. . . . .

1. I hate that song "You're Beautiful"

2. I also hate that song "You Had A Bad Day"

3. Last week, I went to a movie. The car in front of mine in the parking lot left me no room. A college-age guy stopped me to tell me that I should move my car. He referred to me as "Mam." Yikes.

4. Getting to spend an evening at home is the best news that I can imagine.

5. Bath & Body Works makes this great self-tanner, and my BFF called to tell me all about it. We are using it all summer, then we plan on putting on SPF 45 when we go to the beach.

6. I got home from the salon last week and noticed that I didn't get what I asked for. Guess what I did? I cut my own hair.


Blogger Tim said...

Hey Caroline,
Sorry, I'm still chewing on your serious posts, but I am quick on the draw with the funny stuff. You know, I don't really like the song "You Had a Bad Day" either, BUT you REALLY should check out the music video (I think you can find it free on VH1.com, among other places I'm sure). It is quite clever and I do enjoy it much more than the song itself. I know this because like the Grups that you mention, I am in many ways refusing to "grow up" as my culture tells me I should. I am definately interested in "redefining adulthood" as the Times article says. Doesn't every generation really do this anyway? So, as part of my work to redefine I often get up and check out VH1's Jump Start in the morning (that's where they just play music videos like the good old days of MTV for you old fogeys out there). Hope you have a good day Caroline!

By the way, your hair looked great Tuesday night - I had no idea you cut it yourself. Good job!

11:16 AM  

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